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custom orders

Interested in having a custom piece built for you? I can make it happen.

While I do recreate styles, the majority of my work is done in a custom manner for each customer. If you like my style (check out my previously sold and my gallery), and you're interested in having a piece made specifically for you, then shoot me a message and we can chat about what you're looking for.

Some things you can include are:

  • Type of piece you'd like (cutting board, charcuterie board, table, etc.)
  • Size (approximate dimensions)
  • Type of wood (light/dark, walnut, cherry, maple, etc.)
  • Extra details (shape, etc.)

Once I have reviewed your request, I'll contact you via email and we'll work out the details to be sure you receive exactly what you want. After the details are finalized, I'll provide you with an estimated quote. 

All custom orders placed will require a $50 deposit. The deposit will be deducted from the final price. 

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